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Church Rules

I was really angry and probably shouldn't have taken communion that day!

Some years ago, I visited a church that was a different denomination than the one of which I'm a member. When it was time to receive Holy Communion, I walked down the aisle, knelt at the altar, and held out my hands for the wafer.

BUT… I didn't cup my hands properly. And the pastor gave me a look, moved past me to the next person, and returned to give me a wafer when I cupped my hands (after noticing the manner in which others placed their hands). I. WAS. FURIOUS! I dare say that I should not have taken communion. Because, in that moment, I was not in tune with the unconditional love and grace of God that this sacred time brings to mind.

I remember saying to the friend with whom I had gone to church, “What if this were my first time in church? I would never go back. His actions would turn me away.” For years, I carried a bit of anger toward this pastor, and truthfully feel a little annoyed as I write this post. (I thought I had let it go.) This was a tiny wound to me, but it demonstrates that even when we have good intentions, we can wound. My hope is that I have not unintentionally wounded anyone with my thoughts or actions -- especially during my ministerial services. If I have please forgive me.

I use this story today to highlight someone who has impacted my spiritual journey. I didn't realize it at the time, but this pastor helped to inspire me to welcome and heal those wounded by religion.

Who inspired/inspires you?

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