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Our retreats are typically offered to women and are designed to encourage participants to take time to focus on the self.


Participants have an opportunity to explore their relationship with the Sacred, whether they are in tune with this relationship, if they desire to have such a relationship and how a relationship with the Sacred shapes their daily lives.


Participants also have an opportunity to explore their relationship with themselves by delving deeper into those issues that are the focus of the workshops.  We then help participants examine how their relationship with others might be influenced by their relationships and experiences with the Sacred, the self and others, particularly when these relationships have been hurtful, in some way.  Our goal is to help participants to unpack those thoughts and behaviors that prohibit them from leading an emotionally healthy and satisfying life.

Our workshops are primarily designed for those working with youth, particularly disruptive, impoverished, and/or ethnic minority youth.  We conduct workshops that heighten the awareness of participants on the issue of race and how it impacts one’s interactions with others from different races as well as the level of care one provides to those in need.  We offer a model for working with marginalized youth that provides strategies to effectively engage these individuals while simultaneously helping them to navigate life's journey.  We also offer parenting workshops designed to help parents who are struggling with managing their child's behavior or other psychological, emotional or social concerns.  

Our workshops are designed to engage our audience by focusing on the targeted needs of the particular group (e.g., how to appropriately discipline your child, effective communication skills, ways to manage your emotions, etc).  Yet, we touch the individual lives of participants by prompting them to deepen their sacred, selfish and shared relationships and encouraging them to explore their history, to maintain a sense of hope, and to begin the process of healing.

We facilitate workshops for faith based organizations which have focused on spiritual transformation, prayer, and discernment.  In addition, for many of our clients, it has been essential to merge spirituality and psychology in their treatment for psychological and emotional problems, regardless of their beliefs or religious affiliations. 

To schedule a speaking or workshop engagement and to find out more about topics offered, contact us.

What Participants Have Said About Our Services 

…your superb organization and skillful interweaving…so uplifting that I would hope some educational institution in the future would have the wisdom to invite you as their graduation speaker.

A.L., Seminary Professor


…extremely effective in reaching a broad audience of participants including parents, educators, counselors and administrators. I received numerous comments on the ways in which your professional work and observations applied to their personal life experience. You also bring passion and humor to your work that is quite engaging.

J.G., Director of a UniversityStudentCounselingCenter


This interactive thought provoking workshop was very enlightening. It helped participants to examine their belief systems and to learn how various issues impact individuals of color.

C.P., Social Worker


This workshop provided participants with positive, user friendly examples of interventions that can be used successfully with challenging youth.

C.P., Parent


I’m so glad I heard your message because my teenager and I are going through a rough time.  I needed to hear not to give up on them.

A.S., Parent


Thank you for that message.  I sometimes lose patience, maybe because I’m old.  I needed to be reminded that I can’t give up on our youth.

B.Y., Mentor


Attending the workshops proved to be informative, interesting, engaging and enlightening. For those who have worked with children for many years, several beliefs and practices were reinforced.  Those who are new to the education system, learned new concepts and strategies. Both workshops also introduced educators to new understandings about cultural and psychological differences among the children we work with.

D.C.,  Motivational Officer

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