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Dismantle Racism Radio
with Rev. Dr. TLC

Do you want to uncover, dismantle, and eradicate racism
and create a world where racial equity is the norm?

Listen in on Thursdays at 11 am ET

to continue your journey of 
self-transformation & help to dismantle racism.

Be a part of the solution... What you do matters!

Dismantling Racism with Rev. Dr. TLC offers open-hearted conversations about racism that is hidden in plain sight and how it's crippling America (and beyond). We'll take the blinders off with our guests who reveal the forces in play that keep inequities in place. We'll delve into the possibilities for a better world for all and offer direction for healing the racial divide. 


Rev. Dr. TLC brings her sacred intelligence process during each show to enlighten and empower audiences to dismantle, heal, and transcend racism and create racial equity as everyday experience.

Racism is hiding in plain sight. Listen in...

Racism is hiding in plain sight. The unfolding of events in 2020 broke the silence and the smokescreen. It marked the beginning of mass awakening for white people to see the trauma experienced every single day by our BIPOC neighbors, friends and loved ones.

Listen on TalkRadio.NYC live on Thursdays at 11 am Eastern

or on your favorite podcast platform any time:

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