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Sacred Intelligence With Your Host Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery

EP 1 Eileen Kaplan

Breast Cancer "Thriver"

EP 4 Dr. Amy Cannatta, Chiropractor and Fashion Consultant - Transitions

EP 2 Marilyn Dayton, Marketing Biz Professional - Domestic Violence Awareness

EP 5 Donald Bliss, LCSW - Self Acceptance (Part I)

EP 3 Amy Cannatta

EP 6 Donald Bliss, LCSW - Self Acceptance (Part II)

EP 7 Marlecia Autrey, Consultant - Embracing Others Through Self Reflection

EP 8 "Developing Healthy Relationships"

EP 9 Camilla Ross - Celebrating Your Gifts

EP 10 Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery - Pastologist - "Maximizing Your Sacred Intelligence"

EP 11 Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville, Mentor Coach "Living Your Dreams"

EP 12 IJosh Rivedal, Actor/Speaker and Camilla Ross, Theater Producer "Suicide Awareness and Prevention"

EP 13 Paula Jean Burns, Queen of the HeartVoice Connection "Live Your Life"

EP 14 Kymberley Clemons-Jones, Restoration Life Coach "Bouncing Back After Trauma"

EP 15 Catherine Ewing, Transformational Life Coach, "Emotional Freedom"

EP 16 Marie Berry, Financial Consultant - "Managing Your Finances"

EP 17 Estelle Bogdonoff, Health Coach - "Achieving Optimal Health"

EP 18 Leslie Karen Hammond, The Confident Speaking Expert - "Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking"

EP 19 Jan Hoath, Happiness Heroine - "The Happiness Prism"

EP 20 Clayton Potter & Khaleed Fields -"Black Males' Perspectives on Racism in 2015"

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Dr. Curry Avery's guest appearance on From This Corner TV


Dr. Curry Avery's Guest Appearance on Straight Talk Live (WURC-FM Rust College Public Radio)

Click HERE to listen to Dr. Curry Avery's Interview with Patricia Raskin on VoiceAmerica.  They discuss the importance of the Sacred and wounds of religion.

Listen as Taisha Lalanai Rucker and Dr. Curry Avery talk about fear, fearlessness, and Big Leaps.  Click HERE.

Click HERE to hear Dr. Curry Avery's open conversation with Nicole Lewis-Keeber and Michelle Lewis about being a woman pastor (among other things) over on The Sparkle Hour.

Click HERE to hear Dr. Curry Avery interviewed by Dr. Sister Jenna on the America Meditating Museum podcast.

Click HERE to hear Dr. Curry Avery's interview with Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville and Diane Schrock on her "core truth."

Click HERE to hear Dr. Curry Avery's second deep conversation with Dr. Sister Jenna at the America Meditating Museum.

Click HERE to hear Dr. Curry Avery's sermon at Unity Church of DC, "Do you REALLY Want What You Say You Want?"

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