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Starry Night

Are you THRIVING or simply surviving this life’s journey?

Are you passionate about life, your profession, and your relationships?

Have you forgotten your vision, dreams, or hopes?

Have you accomplished some amazing feats but KNOW there’s something else out “there” for you?

Wouldn’t you like to be in a position where you are no longer stuck in a situation, relationship, or even a frame of mind that keeps you from realizing your FULLEST potential?

Sandy Beach

Are you deeply connected to the sacred but struggle to find fulfilling engagement in religious institutions?

Have you lost connection with the Sacred or with loved ones because of a negative interaction with your church, faith community, or "religious folks"?

Are you longing for a connection with the
Sacred but religion leaves a “bad taste in your mouth?”

Have you felt condemned by religion for not following certain rules or living a specific lifestyle?

Church Interior


In this six week course, you will explore what it really means to “walk in faith” and you will discover the spiritual practices that will help you align your faith and service to others while dissolving the limiting beliefs that interfere with your personal growth, impact, and financial gain. You were born to live a very powerful and prosperous life. This is the course to help you get there!

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