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Our Annual Retreat

A transformative, inspiring, and rejuvenating weekend designed to awaken your spirit, move you to action, and kindle lasting relationships.

Are you a successful woman that finds it difficult to speak up and express yourself personally or professionally?  Do you find yourself moving with confidence professionally but slip into a pattern of silence or even submissiveness in your personal life or vice versa?

Are you afraid to live your vision or passion because you are guided by fear, uncertainty, responsibility, confusion, overwhelm, or the judgment of others?

Do you “go along to get along” rather than expressing your own personal values when relating to and working with others?

Discover how to tap into your sacred intelligence, the divine part of you that helps you to make choices that manifest the best of YOU!

The EMPOWER TRIP event has been created to support you in working through challenges and can help you to reclaim your voice, clarify your vision, and recommit to your personal values.

Wouldn’t you like to be in a position where you are no longer stuck in a situation, relationship, or even a frame of mind that keeps you from realizing your life’s goals, dreams, and desires?

At EMPOWER TRIP, you will:​

  • Identify critical elements in your life that keep you stuck and from moving forward;

  • Clarify and/or develop concrete steps to fully manifesting your vision and purpose; and 

  • Explore, identify and connect your personal value to your life’s purpose.


What you can expect from EMPOWER TRIP:

We can sometimes feel alone in our life's journey and believe that we are the only ones going through a particular challenge.  EMPOWER TRIP is a perfect time to embrace all of who you are, share and discuss journeys (if you choose), heal wounds, and kindle lasting relationships.

Often as women, our strong sense of commitment and of responsibility keep us from focusing on ourselves.  This weekend retreat is the perfect time to focus on you, to make yourself a priority, to nurture yourself in a way that allows you to feel good about you, and to create a vision for your life in a way that will manifest the best of who you are at this critical stage of your life.

This retreat will allow you to pause for a moment; breathe in peace, openness, and life-changing energy; and breathe out confusion, blocks, and exhaustion.  EMPOWER TRIP was created to allow you the opportunity to learn more about you, your gifts, your interaction with others, and your sacred connection.  

You will be reminded that you are a woman of power, brilliance, substance, and great success.  Through thought-provoking exercises, you will have an opportunity to connect with these qualities while confronting those qualities that keep you from letting your light shine brightly.

This retreat is experiential and transformative.  Prepare to go deep within to connect with your inner sacred self.  You will spend time exploring parts of yourself that you have long forgotten or perhaps have not allowed yourself to think about. You will experience relief from fear, confusion, judgement, overwhelm and doubt

What you can expect to leave with:


A deeper connection to your inner sacred source and an understanding of how this source can help you to make choices that manifest your greatness and the greatness of others.


Greater confidence in expressing yourself and living your purpose.


commitment and determination to your personal values.

Clarity to manifest your vision.

EMPOWER TRIP is for you if:

You are ready to make a commitment to yourself and want to identify and change critical elements that keep you stuck.

You would like a weekend to focus solely on you and the things that are important to move you forward.

You want to connect with other women who are doing deep personal development.

You believe that there is a Sacred source, Divine power, or Spirit available to you.

You want a place to open up in a way that you have been afraid to in the past.

You want to freely express who you are professionally and personally.

You want peace and joy in your life.

EMPOWER TRIP is not for you if:

You are unwilling to gain insight and confront components of yourself that keep you from moving forward.

You are not ready to change the course of your life.

You do not believe in a Sacred source.

What previous attendees have said about EMPOWER TRIP:

Terrlyn brings a combination of spirituality, power, and peace to her events. They call you to stand up, claim who you are and walk in Spirit.

...opportunity to discuss personal trials as a group but flexible enough to address our individual obstacles.

...allowed me to come out of my shell in a way that I never have before.

Connected with other women and identified with their stories.
Sisterhood, friendship, and healing was a gift.

Gave me a better look into who I am.

Who is your host?

I am Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery, the creator of Pastology, the cutting edge field that focuses on the synergy between pastoring and psychology.  I have a Ph.D. from Hofstra University and a Masters of Divinity from Yale University.  I am a pastologist, speaker and facilitator of advanced therapy and workshops. 
I have a unique approach to working with you.  I place the emphasis on your journey toward sacred intelligence: your ability to tap into your internal source in order to move toward intelligent choices. Those choices are intended to honor the Sacred and help you manifest your greatness, while simultaneously embracing the humanity of those around you.
This platform for change is designed to help you understand that all of your relationships – the Sacred, the selfish and with others – overlap throughout your lifetime.
I believe that ‘relating’ on both a spiritual and human level is crucial to helping your life flow in a positive direction.  The journey towards your sacred intelligence enlightens you, and as you nurture your relationships, allows you to live out your full potential.

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