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Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery Invites You


to Join the 

Sacred Dwelling Community

For Those Who Want to:


DEEPEN Their Sacred Relationship



Better Relationships 

A Life They Love  

and Their Greatness!




Terrlyn brings a combination of spirituality, power, and peace to her events and in her messages. They call you to stand up, claim who you are and walk in Spirit.


Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

 Are you ready to:

  • Stop the voices of judgement, guilt and shame and FINALLY heal the wounds of religion?

  • Arrest the cycle of fear, self-doubt, complacency and discover how to trust or reclaim your inner divinity?

  • Discover how to overcome the infection of limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, and feelings of emptiness and connect more deeply with your Sacred Source? 

The Sacred Dwelling Community is for individuals who want to heal, nurture, and transform their sacred relationship in order to MANIFEST THEIR GREATNESS!

Discover the practices I use to walk in faith, hope, and love despite heartbreak, challenges, and others’ opinions, especially their views on sacred matters!  

As I have with so many others, I want to walk with you on your journey.  I am a professionally trained and experientially taught spiritual leader who brings richness and depth to my perspective, teaching, healing, inspirational messages, and one on one coaching that is uniquely informed by my personal and professional background.  

I have seen the relief in someone’s eyes when they realize their worth. I have witnessed amazing success when individuals fully embrace their gifts.  And I have observed renewed hope and transformation when support is offered in a way that uplifts and challenges individual to live their best life.

Personally, I also have experienced a lifetime of walking a faith journey that has been rewarding and immensely challenging.  I know what it’s like to be pulled in many directions, to be called out of my comfort zone, and to deal with the heartache of misunderstanding and the highs and lows of life. My assurance of the indestructible love of and the everpresent dwelling of the Sacred sustained my every move and has taught me invaluable lessons that I share with others.

So, I created the Sacred Dwelling Community that offers you an opportunity to remember your inner wisdom and divine love and to consistently dwell in the Sacred.  The truth is:  you dwell within the Sacred and the Sacred dwells within you.  When you understand and fully embrace this very special dwelling connection, it can transform your spiritual emotional, psychological, financial, and social wellbeing and guide you into more fulfilling, richer, deeper communion with the Sacred, yourself, and others.




Even though it looks like ALL is well in your world, there are days you find these statements hard to believe.  

BUT… I see you and I get it.

I work with people in my private practice, ministry, and business like YOU who:

  • May have been wounded by religion and lost your connection with the Sacred.

  • Have felt judged for most of your life and don’t feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • Experienced trauma and disappointment that sparked guilt, shame, and feelings of unworthiness.


  • Battle with inner turmoil that leaves you empty, sad, and uncertain, even when you’ve experienced great success.

  • Are “new” in the journey of spiritual evolution and need more support in learning to trust your inner divinity.

  • Have a spiritual practice but haven’t fully integrated it with other components of your life such as career, relationships, or finances.

  • Need guidance and spiritual support to remind you that the sacred dwells within and wants the best for you.

  • Need guidance and spiritual support as you move through the successes and transformational moments in your life.

  • Are deeply connected to your Sacred Source but get distracted, overwhelmed, or frustrated by competing forces that derail your progress.

  • Are committed to your purpose and calling but are, at times, discouraged, anxious, and “just plain tired” as you WAIT for things to turn around or to see the fruits of your labor.

It’s time that YOU embrace the divine wisdom that dwells within and whispers “You were created from goodness, love, and light.  You have been gifted and set apart to do great things.

The Sacred is always with you.”


It’s time to fan into flame your gifts, brilliance, and true essence to more powerfully light the pathway for others!









The Sacred Dwelling Community is designed to: 
inspire, and 
cultivate your connection to the Divine that is within you!

If this sounds like something you need, I encourage you to join this community.  Take charge of the wheel and stop the noise, arrest the cycle, and overcome the infection that continue to haunt you, keeping you at a standstill or sending you into a tailspin.

It has been a pleasure and healing journey to work with Dr. Curry Avery on some deep seated issues surrounding spiritual abuse and wounded by religion. Some of the issues were extremely mortifying and painful as a result of the abuse I experienced at a church. Subsequently, I was "stuck" in spiritual ambiguity as my trust in God waned.  I thought I could never trust God again! Working with Dr. Curry Avery has helped me to re-establish my trust in God and heal from spiritual trauma. I'm now confidently moving forward and applying my faith towards my true calling and divine purpose. I am extremely grateful for her assistance in helping me to heal and affirm my faith in God  and his calling for my life. 

J. Torres

Each experience that I have had with Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery has left me feeling transformed, moved and empowered to continue the work even after the call has ended or the workshop is over. Her professional training, personal experiences and deep connection to the Sacred allows her to speak and teach from a deep place or compassion and authenticity. Every time I hear her speak, preach, teach, or talk with her on the phone, I am reminded of my own gifts and potential and my connection to the abundance in the Divine.  Some would say that Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery helps people find themselves, for me, however, she has helped me discover that I was never lost! I am deeply connected to the Divine and I don’t need to find it— I only need to return.

Rev. F.B.


You Matter!

You’re Needed!

You’re Important!

Your expression of your gifts and your beliefs have a big impact on the way you move through life and your relationship with the Sacred, yourself, and others.  

Your success, your failures, your attitude, your thoughts, and your behaviors are all connected to what you believe about yourself and how you access your inner divinity, your Sacred Source.

Being apart of the Sacred Dwelling Community will remind you of who you are and that you always have a sacred presence within you that wants the best for you. 

Sacred dwelling will lift you when you’re low, light the pathway of your journey, keep you in perfect peace, and nourish your soul. 

Your Sacred Dwelling Community Subscription includes…




Experience a weekly video or audio that is designed to inspire, uplift, challenge, and encourage you as you move through life’s journey.


Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 3.31.30 PM.png

Expand your concept of the Sacred through monthly video or virtual interviews with guest who will share their stories, experiences, and expertise on topics relevant to the Sacred Dwelling Community.  Live virtual interviews will include a time for Q&A. 


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Connect with like-minded folks who want to heal the wounds of religion, awaken their inner divinity, or expand their concept of sacred.


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Engage each week in self-reflection prompts and community conversations so that you can deepen your relationship with the Sacred and can determine how your healing, awakening, or expansion is impacting your daily life.



As a member of the Sacred Dwelling Community you will receive early access to many of my in-person events. You also get a 20% discount on a selection of my virtual trainings, courses, workshops, and retreats.

Terrlyn has the unique ability to move your heart with her words. Not just an inch but an expansive mile.  When she speaks you find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat listening to her warm magic coming through her heart connected to her sacred words of wisdom. I find her messages taste tests of fresh modern uniqueness of spirituality. 

Candice Hozza 

Spiritual Strategist


Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery possesses an unwavering commitment to helping others live their best lives. With great skill and sensitivity, she encourages individuals to tap into their own inner wisdom for the answers they seek. Whether helping them overcome a difficult habit, end an unhealthy relationship or launch into a new and exciting adventure, Dr. Curry Avery guides individuals and groups through their challenges towards the promise of a brighter day.

Rev. Carlton E. Smith

Unitarian Universalist Association


"You changed my life.  I called my mother after listening to your TED talk and told her 'If I had heard this message years ago, I would have taken another path.'"

Audience participant who heard TEDx talk online



When you become a part of this community you will receive motivational, educational, and inspirational messages to support your life’s journey.

Some of these messages will address deep spiritual traumas that result from religious doctrine, sexism, patriarchy, and traditions that ostracize individuals which can result in feeling abandoned, rejected and outcasted by faith communities and religious institutions.

You'll discover how religious wounds, both our conscious and unconscious wounds, impact us.

You'll receive strategies on how to go inward to tap into your inner wisdom, your sacred intelligence (that divine part of us that helps us to manifest our greatness).

You'll receive strategies on how to practice and live a life of faith as you live your calling.

You also will receive tips on how to commit to your spiritual evolution and support as you expand your sacred concept.

With the help of experts and other invited guests, you'll become aware of how things like energy, science, music, nutrition, and other modalities serve as partners in your sacred dwelling and impact how you experience and interact with your environment.


You'll be challenged, encouraged, and supported to deepen your connection with the Sacred, yourself, and others.

You'll have opportunities to engage in thoughtful dialogue that reinforces your own sacred beliefs and practices while simultaneously broadening your understanding of deeply held beliefs.

The Sacred Dwelling Community is perfect for you if:

You have been wounded by religion and

  • You have lost connection with the Sacred and are longing for a connection but religion leaves a “bad taste in your mouth.”

  • You have felt condemned by religion for not following certain rules or living a specific lifestyle.

  • You are a part of a faith community but feel disconnected and spiritually unfulfilled because you’ve experienced a deep hurt within that or some other faith community.

You have not been wounded by religion but

  • You desire a deeper connection with the Sacred and want to expand your concept, knowledge, and awareness of the Sacred.

  • You are deeply connected to the sacred but struggle to find fulfilling engagement in religious institutions.

  • You are looking for a community of seekers that is not a typical congregation.

  • You want to discover new ways of experiencing the Sacred.

  • You want to awaken to your inner divinity and discover how to manifest your greatness.

  • You want to discover how to express your faith in your sacred source through your daily lived experiences.

When you join this community, you will:

  • Gain a deeper connection to the Sacred and fully embrace that you are unconditionally loved and divinely created.

  • Expand your understanding of the Sacred and how to tap into this source to help you live your best life.

  • Transform your relationship with yourself and with others.

  • Be motivated, inspired, and encouraged to manifest your greatness.

  • Consistently be reminded of your sacred dwelling as you journey faithfully throughout life.

What the Sacred Dwelling Community is not:

  • A place to bash religion.

  • A place to proselytize or sway members to a particular belief system.

  • A substitute for psychological or other professional intervention. 

Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery has a unique approach to healing, transformation, and manifestation, for I am a witness to the experience of it.  Having a number of opportunities to work with her these past few years, she creates a safe space to help you tune in to who you really are.  Since our decisions shape our destiny, she encourages us to think through each decision we make in order to feel empowered and to stand in our certainty to own what is our Sacred truth.  See for yourself!  Hear for yourself!  Feel for yourself!  Her services are positively impacting lives. Allow yours to be as well! 

Migdalia Wills

Cybersecurity, Privacy & Compliance Specialist


Join the Sacred Dwelling Community and connect more deeply with the Sacred.


Peace, love, and blessings!

Dr. Terrlyn









What can Cemento UK offer? What services can we provide?

- Sheet materials (with training & tools to manufacture). - Standard panel sizes (supply only or supply/install). - Bespoke designs (supply only or supply/install). We supply to workshops, contractors or client direct.

How do you cut or drill the material?

Lightweight: The material can be cut and drilled either on site or in a workshop. Circular / skill saws, traditional drill bits and finishing tools can be used to manipulate the material. For more information please see our downloads page Cast: For the best results all cut outs should be done in the workshop. Cemento Cast Concrete can have holes cut, sink cut outs, drainage grooves or rebates. We can provide cut outs to CAD drawings or a physical template.

Can I buy it as a sheet material and cut it myself?

We can provide the material in sheet format for you to work as you wish. However, we advise consulting us - Cemento UK - before doing so. We can guide you through the best methods of cutting, joining and finishing the material. We collaborate with the best joinery workshops to produce stylish finished projects.

How do you joint the panels?

Lightweight: - ‘V’ Joint (2mm chamfered edges on each panel) - Square edge with concrete fill - Shadow gap detail - Corner details – Chamfer / ‘Bird’s beak detail / metal covering trim Cast:

How is the surface repaired if it chips?

Lightweight: Cimento® is very durable against general wear and tear. The 2mm of concrete is hard wearing but corners and edges can be chipped if hit by heavy items. We can supply a repair kit that consists of the concrete mix, liquids, sealant and finishing tools to patch any chips on the surface. However, we advise discussing this with us before doing so. Touching up the panels is quick and easy to do once the product is installed on site. For more information please refer our downloads page to view our touch up guide Cast: This is a very durable and hard wearing material, however corners and edges can be chipped if hit by heavy items. Areas with damage can be fixed with a concrete mix application, sanding and re-application of sealants to patch any chips on the surface. Touching up the panels requires a professional once the product is installed on site.

What is the lead time?

The lead time is dependent on the quantity needed and the complexity of the design, as well as resources required at the workshop. We gauge the time needed for manufacture and advise on a programme once drawings and details have been reviewed. Lightweight: For a straight forward panelling product in the most conventional format, a lead time of 4-5 weeks is possible. Up to 10 weeks may be needed from the date of purchase order in the case of Cimento® clad doors, reception desks, tea points, copy points, etc. We gauge the time needed for manufacture and advise on a programme once drawings and details have been reviewed. Cast: For a straight forward panelling product in the most conventional format, a lead time of 6-8 weeks is possible. Up to 12 weeks may be needed from the date of purchase order in the case of more complex designs.

How much does Cemento cost?

We cost the product on a project by project basis. A square metre price is dependent on a number of points: - The quantity ordered - There is a minimum order of 10m² - The support material - What sealant is chosen - If 90° corners are required - The complexity of the design Please call or email us with the information above and we can provide a quick quotation.