Who are you?!

“Who are you, Terrlyn!? Who are you!? Who are you!?” A few moments prior to our co-facilitation of a workshop, I was asked this powerful and piercing question by spiritual leader Sister Dr. Jenna, who is the founder of Meditation Museums I & II. We were discussing the work that I am called to do on healing the wounds of religion. In her gentle and caring way, she offered suggestions and avenues for spreading this message. When she mentioned one widely known area and institution for sharing this message, I responded “Who am I to get into those places?” She exclaimed, “Who are you Terrlyn!? Who are you? Who are you?” Immediately, I wanted to help her understand that it was not my lack of co

"Sacred intelligence is being able to tap into that internal source that we all have to make good decisions that manifest one's greatness!"

Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery

Pastologist: Psychology Ph.D., MDiv.

Owner, Sacred Intelligence, LLC

I work with individuals and small groups on cultivating a strong relationship with the Sacred (however you define that). To begin this journey on your own, download our free offering, Golden Rules to Deepen Your Sacred, Selfish, and Shared Relationships by going HERE 


To keep up with my workshops, retreats and courses, please head over to my Events Page.

Guest Blogs by Dr. Curry Avery

Write With Emotional Savvy. The Heart of Writing, 2017

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