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From Discomfort to Destiny: Manifesting Your Greatness

A few days ago, I made the journey to drop my oldest daughter off for her first day of college. Of course, this experience was bittersweet. It was sweet because this is what we work to do as parents; raise engaged, successful children that have the confidence, wisdom, and ability to move gracefully through the many phases of life and the various rites of passage to adulthood- including going away to school. It was bitter because it serves as a reminder that the baby I once had is no longer a baby, but a burgeoning young adult who no longer needs me in the ways that she once did. Really, this is a picture of life. We have experiences that do not fit into either realm of all good or all bad, but somewhere in between. I recognize how blessed I am that my daughter has the opportunity to attend college and in doing so will be relatively successful. After 18 years, this is a crucial part of how she will manifest her own greatness.

Manifesting your greatness may require you to leave the places that you are most comfortable. For my daughter, this means leaving home and embarking on a journey in an unfamiliar and challenging place. Since I have journeyed through undergrad and graduate programs I know that these experiences will challenge her, excite her, and help her grow, but will also be uncomfortable as she gets used to being more independent and being away from home. Many times, in order to manifest our greatness we will have to be in uncomfortable situations that push us to change and grow. This process may be marked by three things:

Manifesting our greatness may cause discomfort to those around us. When we go through growing experiences, it is often not only difficult for us, but for those around us as well. We have to learn how to set new boundaries, navigate new relationships, and often become a person that embodies characteristics we did not have before. Although those around us may be uncomfortable, it is a necessary part of the growing process.

Manifesting our greatness will require internal struggle. For me, this internal struggle is lengthening the tether that I have to my daughter and facing the fear that comes with not knowing where she is and what she is doing everyday, or the comfort with knowing that she is only a room away from me. For her, it may be fear of the unknown and stepping into an unfamiliar experience. Whatever your internal struggle is, do not be discouraged. As you overcome your challenges it will feed your greatness!

Manifesting our greatness will necessitate tapping into our sacred intelligence. Each of us is endowed with sacred intelligence that divine part of us that allows us to make intelligent choices that manifest the best in each of us and in one another. I have relied on my sacred intelligence to guide and direct my pathway and am teaching my daughter to do the same.

Oftentimes, the lesson is not in the outcome, but in the journey. Even in uncomfortable situations we have to keep our eyes open for learning and growth experiences. I will return home as my daughter begins her classes and we will both enter into this new phase of life with hope, intention, gratitude and expectation. These experiences, though uncomfortable are moving us along the road to our greater purpose.

If you would like to accelerate your progress towards manifesting your greatness, working with me on a personal basis may be the answer. Please click here to schedule a time to talk and visit for more information on joining the Manifest Your Greatness class beginning November 3.

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