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Changing Seasons

This time of year is one of my favorite times of the year. Fall colors, cooler temperatures, and the beginning of the holiday season are marked by the shift from Summer to Fall. Where I live in New England, the foliage is beautiful. (Each time I drive along the highway, I marvel at this magnificent expression of nature and life, often giving gratitude for the blessing of beholding such beauty.)

“Sweater weather” settles in. We get tailgating, Sunday Football and Harvest Festivals before we prepare for the cold and snow of winter. Looking at the time table of nature reminds me that life, too, has seasons. For instance, Fall is really a season of change in which we witness loss and death after having experienced such glory in nature; the leaves are eventually blown off the tree to the ground, leaving the tree naked and exposed.

We also go through seasons in our lives, and some of us might be going through a Fall season right now! We are literally turning over new leaves in one moment and then witnessing the leaves of our lives falling to the ground, perhaps feeling naked, exposed, and wondering how to face this new season.

Perhaps, you are experiencing a relationship loss.

Perhaps, you are experiencing a downward shift in our businesses or employment.

Perhaps, you are experiencing letting go of our children as they search for their own independence or experiencing your parents lose their independence.

Any of these circumstances can be overwhelming, frustrating, and even heartbreaking.

When we are going through a Fall season, it is important to practice self-care and be gentle with ourselves. Here are three tips to use as you move through difficult seasons of life:

1. Give yourself space. During difficult seasons it is important to give yourself time and space to go through emotions, process events, and just BE. Adding external pressures and stressors to a situation that is already difficult will simply prolong things and lead to more stress and difficulty in the long run. Find time and peace to center yourself and tap into your Sacred Source, even if just for a few moments a day. Practice the art of saying “no” when others demand or request your time and energy

2. Reach out to your support system. Loved ones and friends can be an invaluable resource when navigating through transition or difficulty in life. Whether you need advice, just a listening ear, or other means of support, reach out to those around you for help. Don’t be afraid to talk to people you love and trust during these seasons.

3. Remember it is only temporary. The wonderful thing about seasons is that they change! Just as you entered this season, it will pass. Remind yourself each day that all you need to do is make it through that day. If the day is too long, then take it minute by minute! Just remember, you will make it through and you will experience the warmth and joy of another season in your life.

You will prevail through the Fall season of your life. And… even in the loss, you will grow and find your place of renewal!

As always, I wish you well in your journey and remind you that I am here if you’d like to char. Click here to access my calendar and schedule a time to speak with me to learn how I might support you along your journey.

Peace, love, and blessings.

Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery

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