Bon Voyage:  You Have to Let Go to Grow

My daughter came home from school one day last fall and announced that she wanted to go to Europe during the summer with People to People International Travel Programs. Enthusiastic that she wanted to venture out and see the world, I agreed that it was a great idea. Then, she told me it was for 18 days. And... I still thought it was a great idea. Why? I was excited to see a child who often prefers to spend time at home and who often feels uncomfortable interacting with groups or strangers extend herself beyond her comfort zone. I admired her for looking beyond the moment and looking toward something greater than her fears and trepidations. She seemed to understand that in order for her to

"Sacred intelligence is being able to tap into that internal source that we all have to make good decisions that manifest one's greatness!"

Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery

Pastologist: Psychology Ph.D., MDiv.

Owner, Sacred Intelligence, LLC

I work with individuals and small groups on cultivating a strong relationship with the Sacred (however you define that). To begin this journey on your own, download our free offering, Golden Rules to Deepen Your Sacred, Selfish, and Shared Relationships by going HERE 


To keep up with my workshops, retreats and courses, please head over to my Events Page.

Guest Blogs by Dr. Curry Avery

Write With Emotional Savvy. The Heart of Writing, 2017

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