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Who are you?!

“Who are you, Terrlyn!? Who are you!? Who are you!?” A few moments prior to our co-facilitation of a workshop, I was asked this powerful and piercing question by spiritual leader Sister Dr. Jenna, who is the founder of Meditation Museums I & II. We were discussing the work that I am called to do on healing the wounds of religion. In her gentle and caring way, she offered suggestions and avenues for spreading this message.

When she mentioned one widely known area and institution for sharing this message, I responded “Who am I to get into those places?” She exclaimed, “Who are you Terrlyn!? Who are you? Who are you?” Immediately, I wanted to help her understand that it was not my lack of confidence in my abilities or that I felt unworthy but rather my belief that one needed significant national name recognition for entry into these spaces/platforms. I don’t remember her exact response but I do know it challenged my thinking and was affirming.


Even more so, I have wrestled with her question.

You see, I am a woman who knows that I have been called for such a time as this to help heal others from the wounds of religion.

I am a woman who has been called for such a time as this to spread the message that we are divinely created and loved unconditionally.

I am a woman who has been called for such a time as this to help others realize their vision and calling.

I am a woman who has been called by the Sacred, for such a time as this!


If I trust, surrender, and remember who I am, doors will be opened in unimaginable ways because the Sacred has already set that path in motion and I must be careful not to put up roadblocks with my limited thinking in the who, what, when, and how this message is to be shared. I must be careful to remain focused on openings in my path and recognize how limited thinking could erect imaginary roadblocks.

WOW! I didn’t even realize that I was blocking my own path. Afterall, I firmly believe in my calling and have been working really hard to manifest my greatest potential while helping others to manifest their greatest potential. Yet, one conversation (one question to be exact) with a very wise enlightened spiritual leader was extremely eye-opening and helped me to wrestle with myself in a way that revealed new insight. Thank you Sister Dr. Jenna!

We all need someone to ask the probing questions, to guide, to help us remember who we are (and really whose we are) and, importantly, to see how, sometimes unknowingly, we block our own path, regardless of where we are in our journey.

I’d like to be that someone for you!

I’m offering an opportunity for us to connect and for you to remember who you are at my upcoming retreat: EMPOWER TRIP 2018: It’s Time! My Voice. My Vision. My Value. I have created this event to support you in working through challenges and to help you to reclaim your voice, clarify your vision, and recommit to your personal values.

At EMPOWER TRIP 2018, you will:

  • Identify critical elements in your life that keep you stuck and from moving forward;

  • Clarify and/or develop concrete steps to fully manifesting your vision and purpose; and

  • Explore, identify and connect your personal value to your life’s purpose.

I invite you to visit my UPCOMING EVENTS page for more information and to register for this transformative retreat.

Come, remember who you are!

Peace, love, and blessings.

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