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Conceive it! Believe it! Achieve it!

At EMpower Trip 2019, a participant shared a goal that she had written on her vision board. Later when she was moving some things, she erased the vision from the board but not from the depths of her heart. She moved through life not dwelling on the goal - continuing with her day to day responsibility. Likewise, a little over a year ago, I wrote some goals on my vision board. Two of which were to travel and to become a global leader. Before I knew it, I was traveling to India and appearing on TV discussing issues that are close to my heart. I didn’t dwell in the how or when but also allowed the vision to reside in the depths of my heart and soul and knew that manifestation would come.

So, how does this happen?

Do we think a thing into existence?

In some ways yes!

It’s a three fold process:

Conceive it! It is not the vision board that makes you realize your dreams. It is the conception of the dream within the mind, spirit, and heart. You must give birth to an idea - actively engage in the thought process of the goal. It cannot be a passing fantasy such as “Oh, I wish I could do x, y, z” but rather committing to the idea. There is a big difference between stating "I wish I had a dog." and "I am going to get a dog."

Believe it! After birthing the idea, you must truly believe it will happen. It does not mean that there has to be a daily visualization of that goal; but you must begin to act as if, be mindful of your language, and disrupt limiting beliefs. You must believe that all things are possible, regardless of your current circumstances. Again, don’t focus on the how. It will come.

Achieve it! Prepare yourself to accomplish your goal. You can give birth to and believe in an idea but you must also be ready when the opportunity presents itself. You must look for opportunities to learn a new skill, culture, or way of being. You must see an open door or even chart your own path. You must be ready. Think about it. I can travel to India, but can’t be a global leader unless I hone my craft, foster relationships, and learn the Indian culture. I can only achieve when I put in the effort.

So write your vision. In fact, make it plain (clear). There is an appointed time for it to be fulfilled. It may take some time. Wait for it. It will surely come! (Habakkuk 2: 2-3)

BUT you must Conceive it! Believe it! Achieve it!


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