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Gilda Radner, A Dog, and Two Broken Legs!

I heard a colleague tell a story at a business event about Gilda Radner, her nanny Dibby, and Dibby’s dog. The story comes from Radner’s book, It's Always Something. Radner says:

When I was little, Dibby told me a story about her cousin who had a dog – just a mutt – and the dog was pregnant. I don’t know how long dogs are pregnant, but she was due to have her puppies in about a week. She was out in the yard one day and got in the way of the lawnmower and her two back legs got cut off. They rushed her to the vet who said, "I can sew her up, or you can put her to sleep if you want. But the puppies are OK – she’ll be able to deliver the puppies. Dibby’s cousin said, "keep her alive." So the vet sewed up her backside and over the next week that dog learned how to walk. She didn’t spend any time worrying; she just learned to walk by taking two steps in the front and flipping up her backside and then taking two more steps and flipping up her backside again. She gave birth to six little puppies, all in perfect health. She nursed them and then weaned them. And when they learned to walk, they all walked like her.

I love this story and am inspired by its lessons. If you're reading this blog, I'm sure by now you've had experiences where you have wondered how you would ever walk again (literally and figuratively). In fact, this story resonates with me personally. You see, when my children were toddlers, my husband broke both his legs and had to learn to walk again. Although I hadn't heard this story at the time, there are profound similarities between Radner’s story and my own – as well as wonderful kernels of wisdom to help each of us journey on after a setback. I offer just a few:

It is critical to have someone who believes that you are worth "saving." Someone who believes that you are more than whatever "flaw" you have – or someone else perceives you to have – can set you on a path of healing. Someone who believes that your value is not defined by your limitations opens the door for you to find strength that you didn't know you had. The decision of medical personnel and other supportive people encourages the spirit, speaks to the deeper places within, and reminds you, even if you are not consciously aware of it, that you are worth it.

You have to be determined and have a desire to rise up from your pain. Despite being in excruciating pain and still learning to walk again, my husband cooked Thanksgiving dinner within weeks of his accident. (For those of you who are horrified that I didn’t cook, settle down folks. He's a chef, and his worst meal would surpass my best meal any day.) And though it pained me to watch, he was determined to have a great meal and provide for his family. He was determined to walk again and refused to give in to the physical, psychological, or emotional pain that often comes with setbacks.

Others are always watching and learning from you, especially children. The puppies learned how to walk from watching their mom, maybe not as intended; but, they learned. My children learned that life will deal you some heavy blows and may knock you down; but, they must get up and keep moving. I believe they learned the importance of setting a goal and working through the difficulties that often come with the pursuit of that goal. As they have gotten older, I hope they learned that mindset is crucial to accomplishment. And I... well I was reminded that there are parts of people’s journeys that they must go alone, only they can heal themselves, accomplish their goals or make it to the finish line. I can support, nurture and guide where appropriate but I can not do the work that they MUST do for themselves.

In my work as a pastologist (licensed psychologist and ordained minister), I SEE you and beyond your “flaws,” pain, doubts, or circumstances. I am confident that you have some purposeful work that you are destined to accomplish. The world is waiting and needs you. I am here to help you rise up and learn how to walk again.

In just a few short weeks (October 27-29, 2017), I am hosting a retreat (for women and men) entitled “Empower Trip 2.0: It Really Is… ALL About YOU!" It is a wonderful opportunity for you to spend time working on you - you and your relationship with the Sacred, yourself, and other people - all of which are crucial to you moving forward in life.

I’d love to support you on your journey and help you move beyond your setbacks.

It’s time to take two steps in the front, flip your backside and repeat until you reach your goal!

Peace, love and blessings!

Dr. Terrlyn

P.S. If you’d like to know more about how you can work directly with me, here are a few ways:

Join my Insight Circle group where you will receive support to live your passion, move out of your own way, and change limiting beliefs that impede your progress. You will experience the support of a community and have accountability as you step into your purpose. Click here to schedule a time to talk with me to learn more.

Work privately with me. I work with a limited number of private clients to help them tap into their sacred intelligence (that divine part of you that helps you to make intelligent choices to manifest your greatness). One or all three of the following areas might be right for you:

  • Sacred relationship - I work with you to explore how your relationship with the Sacred impacts your success. I especially help clients to reconnect with the Sacred after they have been wounded by religion.

  • Selfish relationship - I work with you to uncover those areas of fear, self-deprecation, limiting beliefs, and unspoken rules that are governing your life and keep you from moving forward and manifesting your great gifts.

  • Shared relationship - I work with you to discover and make decisions about your relationship with others, specifically how to set boundaries, to remove toxic relationships, and to share your gifts with others while helping them to manifest their gifts.

Click here to schedule a time to talk with me to learn more.

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